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Flight 2B flight report

Astronaut: "John Glen" (looks more like Gordo)

Motor: AMW K1000 Skidmark


  • Test new tower retention system.
  • Test tower extraction system.
  • Test a more advanced capsule recovery utilizing drogue deployment of the main parachute after the tower's chute removes the nose cap.
  • Test recovery of the tower. 
  • Any other needed tests based on the results from flight 2a.

Technical details

  • Tower will contain a timer to trigger the deployment of its recovery system with a 1 second delay to assure the capsule is clear of the booster before recovery begins.
  • The capsule nose cap will be fastened to the tower so that when it pulls away, it frees the drogue chute.
  • Like last year, the tower will have live downlink video.
  • Capsule is the FAO Schwartz Friendship 7 with retro pack.


  • Beautiful and stable launch.
  • Tower didn't separate from the capsule - improvements are needed for this system.
  • Larger 12' parachute worked perfectly to bring the booster down nice and slow.
  • Booster camera mount broke again.