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Flight 2A flight report

Astronaut: GI Joe

Motor: AMW K1000 Skidmark


  • Test new launch rail button configuration.

  • Test basic capsule recovery utilizing drogue deployment of the main parachute.

  • Test new video systems for the booster and capsule.

  • Test Radio Fire - R/C recovery back-up system.


Technical details

  • Drogue will be trapped within the main booster and pulled out when the capsule separation occurs.

  • Drogue will remove the nose cap from the capsule, extracting the main chute.

  • Original 1960's issue GI Joe capsule with retro pack will be used.

  • Other than the on-board camera system, the capsule will not contain any avionics.


  • Beautiful and stable launch.

  • Minor damage to the capsule's retro-pack occurred when the decoupling charge blew. 

  • The new video systems worked perfectly.  

  • The Radio Fire test did not occur because I forgot to activate it (needed better checklist).

  • Booster parachute was too small for the altitude and it came in pretty hard causing minor (easily repaired) damage.

  • Booster camera mount broke from extremely hard impact.